Character Creation

Creating a Character

Characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series are individuals of magnanimous presence and wealth. They are individuals capable of great and horrible deeds. Your characters will be members of one of the lesser Houses of the West whose fates will be tied to that of House Lannister. Though your House has sworn oaths of fealty to Lord Tywin, you have not sworn them to your peers.

A character sheet can be found Here

Getting Started – Attributes and Age

Character creation is simple. Start by selecting your character’s Age, this will give you a list of numbers for skills and attributes. You will spend some of the 7 points you will use for backgrounds later on in the character creation process. The first set of 3 numbers is for your attributes. There are three columns of attributes and you will choose a primary, secondary, and tertiary column. Your primary a column will receive the largest number, secondary will receive the second largest, and the tertiary the smallest.

You will put a number of dots in each attribute equal to number of points you chose to put in that column. You get a free dot on each attribute because of the nature of your noble birth.

  • Mental – Intelligence, Wits, Resolve
  • Physical – Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
  • Social – Presence, Manipulation, Composure


Much like attributes skills have groupings based on their attributes. The second set of numbers on your age indicates the amount of skill points you will receive in your various skill groups. Again choose a primary, secondary, and tertiary group, this choice can be different than your attribute choices. Once you have a primary, secondary and tertiary group you can apply points in skills.

  • Mental – Academics, Crafts, Devices, Investigation, Medicine, Magic, Politics, Science.
  • Physical – Athletics, Brawl, Ride, Archery, Larceny, Stealth, Survival, Weaponry.
  • Social – Animal Ken, Expression, Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion, Socialize, Streetwise, Subterfuge

Once you have assigned points to your skills you get a number of specialties determined by your age. Work with your narrator to determine these specializations, specializations allow you to receive bonus dice when you encounter a specific situation you have trained for.


You receive 7 points in backgrounds, don’t forget the ones you used to determine your age. A comprehensive list of Backgrounds and Flaws can be found on their pages.

Determine Vitals

There are some attributes that will not be able to be improved except by using extensive training. These are your vital statistics and information on them are below.

*Health – Stamina + Size (5)
*Willpower – Resolve + Composure
*Defense – Lower of Dexterity or Wits
*Initiative Modifier – Dexterity + Composure
*Speed – Strength + Dexterity
*Starting Glory – 6

Character Creation

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