In A Song of Ice and Fire all characters are flawed, even the heroic Eddard Stark was honorable to a fault. For the reason flaws have had a minor tweak from the typical World of Darkness rules in that Flaws are able to be used to gain slight advantages at character creation. Flaws can be later “bought off” through story advancement and spending an amount of XP equal to twice the amount the flaw provides at character creation.

Flaws grant additional Backgrounds traits which must be used by the character at character creation. The amount provided is reflected in the severity of the flaw. A two trait flaw will provide two additional background traits and require four XP to buy it off at a later date. A seven trait flaw is far more severe than the two trait flaw and will require fourteen XP to buy it off. A list of flaws are below, but you are encouraged to speak with the ST to create new ones.

Bastard Born – 2 Traits

You are the product of lies and lust, thus, were born into illegitmacy, a stigma you must bear for the rest of your days.
As a bastard you take -2d on all persuasion tesets when interacting with characters of a higher Status. You do not take your family’s name. Instead you gain a surname based on the lands of your birth.

h3 Bound to the Bottle – 1 Trait

You have a crippling addiction to some substance
Whenever you are faced with a troubling situation you must succeed at resolve + composure test or turn to alcohol to calm your nerves, drinking until you are drunk. Rules for drunkenness are on page 177 of the World of Darkness core rulebook.

Childhood Disease – 3 Traits

A disease or sickness in your youth left you weak and frail
Because of your disease your constitution is uncommonly weak, lower your health by 2 dots.

Craven – 1 Trait

You are a coward, other’s might think they are cowards if they are seen talking to you
Whenever you are engaged in combat, or intrigue you take -1d to your strength, resolve and composure traits. Each round you may spend a temporary willpower to make a resolve + composure test in order to find your courage. If you do you receive a free bonus dice to each challenge, until the end of scene.

Crippled – Two Traits

You suffered a terrible injury or were born twisted in some way.
Reduce your speed by 2. Westeros has a negative perception of “cripples, bastards and broken things”. You loose a die in every test to seduce or intimidate.

Cruel Insanity – Four Traits

You are heartless and wicked, lacking in compassion and empathy.
You gain a derangement as detailed on page 96 of the World of Darkness core rulebook. Furthermore, you take a -2d penalty on all tests involving Empathy. This will likely cause you to gain Infamy.

Cursed – Two Traits

You live under a dreadful curse that colours all you do.
Whenever you spend a willpower point, roll a d10 on a 1-2 it is wasted and you may not spend another willpower that turn.

Debt – Three Traits

You are saddled with a terrible debt
All purchases cost double in resources. Furthermore you are known as being in debt and as such your name may be tarnished. Those around you may find it hard to garner a loan.

Eunich – One Trait (Requires Male Gender)

You were cut.
You take a -1d penalty to all persuasion tests, but cannot be seduced or charmed. Furthermore you are unable to provide an heir.

Furious – Three Traits

You have a terrible temper, and like the Great John you do yield.
You may not persuade anyone through any means other than intimidation. Furthermore you may fly into a frenzy when provoked, using resolve + composure to resist such a frenzy.

Haughty – Three Traits

Your sense of propriety overshadows your compassion.
You take a -2d penalty when using empathy. Furthermore, those below your station or on the fringe of society will not start their interactions with you on a friendly basis.

Honor Bound – Two Traits

You are honorable to a fault
When rolling to lie you may not reroll 0s and 1s detract from your result.

Ignoble – Four Traits

You have a reputation for treacherous and dishonorable tactics. No matter what you do, you are no friend to the Smallfolk.
You take a -2d penalty to all persuasion and status tests. Furthermore everybody loves a villain and any Acts of Infamy will have the dice pool reduced by 2 in order to retain your Glory.

Impared Sense – Four Traits

You are blind or deaf, like Maester Aemon… well he took this flaw twice.
When you take this flaw choose blindness or deafness. You fail all awareness tests based on that attribute and may not see or hear accordingly.

Inept – Three Traits

You are thick and clumsy.
Whenever you roll dexterity, 1s detract from successes and you may not reroll 0s.

Marred – Three Traits

You bear a nasty scar and it guides most of your interactions. Much like the Hound.
Whenever you try to persuade someone, or use a test involving empathy you may not reroll 0s and 1s detract from successes.

Mute – Three Traits

Whether born this way or horribly marred you may not speak. Much like Ser Illyn Payne.
You may not speak.

Nemesis – One to Five Traits

You have a dire enemy.
You acquire a destructive enemy. The particulars of this flaw are to be worked out with the ST, and the strength of the enemy is dependent on the number of traits you gain for this flaw.

Outcast – Four Traits

You have done or are accused of doing something dreadful, and you have been cast from your lands.
Your status is permanently reduced by two. Furthermore you are a social pariah in the eyes of your exiled people.

Supreme Arrogance – Three Traits

Your arrogance blinds you to the dangers around you.
You take a number of penalty dice equal to your status to all empathy, or perception test, as well as all interactions with those below your station. You may use your status as bonus dice against intimidation.


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